New Video for Rattle My Faith

Hey! We have a new video directed by Derek Pearson and a new website created by Robotic Fox to promote our debut album Rattle My Faith. Enjoy.

Love is better.


New album will be recorded in Oxford Mississippi…

GregJeff and I are working with 5 other Mississippi musicians in Oxford. It has been an incredible time together. Greg Johnson was first on String Bass. Now, is bringing 4 other friends to the party. This is turning into a real treasure for Jeff and me. Jeff and I at the Festival

True Wineskins Fans in Mississippi!


Maybe Crazy is For You

A dream isn’t worth a damn

Unless it comes true

Or could it be a plan

to be forever blue
To be forever blue
Gets you into heaven
To be forever blue
Cranks your amp to eleven
I went all the way
And never came back
She told me what to say
I was a train on her track
Maybe God is a woman
Telling me what to do
When you think you’re going crazy
Maybe crazy is for you
To be forever blue
Gets you into heaven
To be forever blue
Cranks your amp to eleven
Dreams happen in slumber
Waking brings them untrue
A house built with lumber
Has mirrors with reflections of you
To be forever blue
Gets you into heaven
To be forever blue
Gets you into heaven
Maybe God is a woman
Telling me what to do
When you think you’re going crazy
Maybe crazy is for you

The Moment

At this moment, Jeff and I are writing. We are preparing for the next time we record. Jeff is putting together a new studio while he writes music to the lyrics/poems I send him. It is mysterious to us how this will come to be. We have our lives and families, and yet, we have this expression that is The Wineskins. We have this new lease on life musically. This new album we are dwelling in is true. It is honest. It is believable. It is real. It is mysterious. Let’s see what happens. Thank you for being a part of it.

The WineskinsJeff and I at the Festival

New Songs

Jeff and I have been writing non-stop for the past six months and eleven songs are rising to the top. We demoed eight of them recently. Here is one for you to enjoy in it’s very raw state.

Peace, The Wineskins 


The Last Song

I have been writing songs since I was 14. In fact, the very first song I wrote was called “Our Song”. My mother somehow put some money together and I recorded it in a studio in Meridian Mississippi where she and I lived. We were poor. When I look back on it, I am amazed at her persistence. She’s 74 now, and still fighting.

Since then I have written thousands of songs. Not hundreds, thousands. I have been fortunate to record many of them. I have never had “success”, but I have had fun. I have expressed myself with or without success. In the big picture of things, I am as amazed at this as I am at the day my mom came up with money for me to record. It’s all connected.

Jeff and I met in 1988 and started writing together. The Wineskins began in 1988. That seems a long time ago. There have been many songs since then. The “Rattle My Faith” album is a taste of those years up until now. Thank you to the few who have it. Consider yourselves part of a very special club. You have something we poured years of blood, sweat, and tears into. Good or bad, it is what it is.

I will be 50 on November 9 of this year, 2013. I am still writing; possibly more than ever. Jeff and I are working on new material to record in a new way. This past September 28 we went back into the studio with 10 new songs. After the session, we decided we don’t have all the right songs yet. We also want to take the sound somewhere new. I love this. We’re not happy, so we are going to be patient and make something as great as we can. We could settle for these ten songs and be done with it, but no, we want greatness.

Today for the first time I wondered what my last song will be about. I have no idea the subject matter, but I do know it will be about something real. It will be true. It will be full of questions, doubt, faith, struggle, joy, dreams, and fears. It will be about anxiety, lies, sex, G-d, failure, and “that feel”. It won’t be easy to understand, but then again, it will be easy to understand. It will be something from a troubled soul who loves the troubled journey, no mater how much he is at it’s mercy.  It will be funny, honest, and full of contradiction. It will be human.


Conversation with a fan from Brazil.

Oh, by the way, Jeff and are going to record the new album September 21. We are going to make available some of the songs in there raw form to fans for free. I will let you know when this occurs.
Heck yeah! Let me know ASAP ! Give Jeff a “Hi” from your biggest brazillian fan, haha!
HA HA! I will, and yes, you are our biggest Brazilian fan. We hope the first of many!
Been introducing your songs to as many friends as I can; I might join a band as well, and I plan on adding “New Reservation” to our setlist as well!
WOW! That would be an honor for us! I can’t wait to hear your version.
I actually play bass (and nothing else, not even guitar ) but I do plan on singing it actually. If we ever get around to play it I’ll be *sure* to record it !
Cool! Mucho Bueno!

New Review From Memphis.

Rattle my Faith by the Wineskins.  This one has to be my favorite album so far this year. Simply brilliant. I have plugged these guys before (including and along with band member W. Keith Moore), in my Occupant Soldiers in Babel” post (click link). But that was before their recent release, and if I wasn’t hooked then, I am now. With deeply poetic, harmonious and sometimes bittersweet lyrics as well as a natural ability to portray some universally relevant experiences in the life of the everyman, these guys do not disappoint. From the moment you hit play, it becomes apparent that they are genuinely in it for the love of the art. You don’t find that very often these days. This is nothing like the old garage snuff you find in the bargain bin at a low end urban record store. No, these guys go above and beyond to please the listener, even offering a nice value for your buck with 20 tracks. And the best part is that they are all good. Every single one of them. You know how those big mainstream groups put out lazy yet highly profitable albums one after another as a result of the careful promotion of one or two good songs here and there? Not these guys. They’re the real deal.

Not only do the Wineskins really know how to strum the chords and strings of the heart and soul, but they’re also quite fun to listen to (as they apparently had fun working on this). Songs that get stuck in your head like Six Miles an Hour and Turkeys in a Drizzle will have you joyfully bobbing your head to and from point A and B in no time. Their sound will subtly pick you up in the morning then graciously caress you down at the end of the day. So good that I am almost tempted to take the long route home after work just so I can keep listening to the end (I repeat, almost. The drivers are not very good here, so I like to beat the rush).

The high the Wineskin’s music prescribes is like that of a top quality caffeine coffee euphoria as opposed to the usual fatty ”sugar” rush one receives after ingesting too much mass-produced high fructose syrup. You know, that cheap kick that goes down easy and perks you up but always ends in a heavy crash that makes you wonder why you thought it was a good idea to drink it in the first place. *Cough* Barenaked Ladies.

I’m just kidding. I really did like One Week…when I was ten.

OK, once again, I am being facetious. I never liked those guys.

(Note: I thought I would end this post with a little humor, but I did not intend to throw BNL under the bus. They were just the first band that came to mind. Nothing personal. And now, the world will hang on in suspense as no one will ever know my true opinion of the Barenaked Ladies.)

Pax vobiscum,

E.R. Hignite


Hello folks, Jeff and I will be back in the studio September 21st to record our next album. We’re very excited about the new material, and equally excited about the way we are recording. This record will be much more like our live show than anything we’ve done before. Stripped down, sparse, intimate.

Peace, Keith2